e promote a comprehensive approach to advocacy and programming for sexual and reproductive health and rights. To this end, we facilitate dialogue and knowledge sharing within and between faiths, build the technical and financial capacity of faithbased organisations and religious institutions and facilitate interventions around sexual and reproductive health and rights. Our intention is to combine innovative, evidence backed and community based programming with national, regional and international advocacy efforts to influence change at all levels. We also aim to be on the forefront of generating and disseminating evidence on faith based approaches to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

We are committed to meeting international standards of quality and accountability, and ensuring the relevance of our interventions to everyday life of our communities. Our four priority areas of: networking and coordination, advocacy and communications, capacity development and technical support, and research, monitoring and evaluation reflect the above-mentioned commitments. As an interfaith network, we address the need for a strong faith based voice in promoting family health and wellbeing. We recognise that faith based organisations need a joint space to discuss common values and areas of consensus on sexual and reproductive health and rights. We also acknowledge the need for building the skills of faith leaders and religious institutions to discuss and actively address the issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Faith to Action Network studies (2011, 2014) revealed an overwhelming support for an interfaith platform on family planning, to share experiences and best practices, and to increase understanding of each other’s viewpoints, conducted with respect and sensitivity for and by different faiths. Faith to Action introduces a sustainable approach to institutionalise interfaith collaboration for the promotion of family health and strengthen the resolve of policy makers across Africa and internationally to support policies and funding to advance SRHR.

The following theory of change provides a roadmap of how the Network intents to contribute to positive SRHR outcomes in the lives of individuals.