Catholics for Reproductive Health mobilizes faith networks in the Philippines

Since July 2016, Catholics for Reproductive Health (C4RH) demonstrates how to leverage faith organizations’ wide networks and social and political influence in the Philippines. It has formed a network called “Interfaith for Dignity & Equality Advancement & Solidarity (IDEAS)” with 32 representatives from 8 regions and 12 provinces representing 8 churches and faith traditions. Each member has developed a plan to carry out discussions on family planning and reproductive health in their communities and to integrate it into their planning and programming.

So far, members have raised awareness of 573 faith leaders on family planning, and build the capacity of additional 208 faith leaders to speak on and advocate for family planning.

Amongst others, Iglesia Filipina Independiente has oriented Bishops’ spouses during the IFI Executive Council Meeting, gaining their commitment to engage their bishop husbands on family planning. The leadership of the Imam Council of the Philippines gathered its members to discuss the reproductive health law. United Church of Christ in the Philippines submitted a formal question to the City Mayor on why Sorsogon City only offered natural family planning methods and not the full contraceptive method mix.

For more information, Catholics for Reproductive Health and Faith to Action Network have developed a case story of this work. Read the full story here:


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