Diversity and Inclusion: From Rhetoric to Collective Faith Action : Faith to Action Network Convention

Every year, Faith to Action Network member organizations, partners, friends and allies gather to deliberate and reach consensus on issues they are grappling with. In 2019-2020, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the Network from holding more than one convention that offered a safe space for intra- and inter-faith dialogues so as to encourage mutual learning and exchange. In 2021, the Network re-started its tradition by convening an annual convention themed “Diversity and Inclusion: From Rhetoric to Collective Faith Action.” 

The 2021 Convention aimed to stimulate participants to better understand, engage and plan action on: Freedom of Religion and Belief in order to advance peaceful coexistence and pluralism; Gender just laws, policies, norms, and practices; Improved Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; and, Building a faith actors’ movement.  

The conference sought to ensure that participants: Shared experiences and learnt from each other, having discussed new ideas and perspectives; Expressed solidarity for participants’ challenging situations, celebrated each other’s successes and achievements; Inspired each other to plan, take and coordinate regional and global faith-based actions; and, find an opportunity to network and form strategic partnerships with other like-minded faith institutions and key stakeholders. 

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