Dialogues on Women’s Rights and Islam

Faith to Action Network recognizes that there are barriers that have contributed to the discrimination against women. One of the barriers is the misinterpretation of scripture; religious scriptures have been misused to justify discrimination, inequality, and violation of women’s rights. The other barrier to women enjoying rights is the mixing of culture and religious practices. In most communities, the boundaries between culture and religious practices are fluid and what is cultural is wrongly viewed as religious. This fluidity has been used to justify harmful practices deeming them as religious.

To help provide clarity on the theological grounding and the practice of women’s rights in Islam, Faith to Action Network in collaboration with its founding members Al-Azhar University, Muhammadiyah, and Muslim organizations has organized a series of consultative dialogues that aim to create a safe space for Muslim faith actors to share perspectives and insights on Women’s Rights in Islam. So far, we have held 4 webinars on the topics: Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls, promoting women’s Rights to Bodily Integrity, Advancing women’s property rights and Promoting Gender Quality In Islam. Below are the YouTube Video Links to the Discussion:

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