Learning about Family Planning at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology

The Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology is an interdenominational Christian institution and a member of Faith to Action Network. Its Gender, Health and Theology program incorporates family planning. 121 graduates have been trained since it integrated family planning into its curriculum. Recently, it revised its curriculum, now with courses in “Faith, Gender, Health and Development in Africa”; “Psychosocial Issues in Gender and Health”; “Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality”; “Fundamentals of Gender and Reproductive Health” and a Practicum. 1,108 faith leaders – Ethiopian Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, Seven Day Adventists and Protestant – have graduated from its faith and community leaders training package. At community level, 1,538 women and children have accessed improved preventive health services while enhancing the capacity of a women health development army.

For more information, Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology and Faith to Action Network have developed a case story of this work. Read the full story here:

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