Faith contributions to promoting family planning recognized in new FP2020 annual report

Kigali, RWANDA, 13 NOVEMBER 2018 (F2A) – Collaboration is the animating principle of the Family Planning 2020 partnership. Represented by its Vice Chair Person Prof Dr Ahmed Ragab, Faith to Action Network served for two years on FP2020’s reference group to enable collaboration with the faith community. The spirit of collaboration is what enables disparate stakeholders to find common ground and join together in service of a shared vision.

On November, 13th FP2020 launched its new annual report recognizing Faith to Action Network, Cordaid, Kenya Muslim Development Organization, All Africa Conference of Churches and Christian Health Association of Zambia for their outstanding contributions in promoting family health and wellbeing and contributing to FP2020 goals.

The chapter on family planning and faith acknowledges that “More than eight out of ten people worldwide describe themselves as people of faith. Many of the countries with the greatest unmet need for family planning are countries where religious faith is especially strong, and the potential for faith-based actors to advance family planning is great.”

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