Faith is an integral part of life for many people and communities, and faith leaders are trusted and respected advisors on a number of issues, including health. The faith community is in an ideal position to educate and dispel myths about family planning, and to advocate for increased services. Many faith-based organizations provide family planning services and have access to marginalized and hard-to-reach populations.

Faith at ICFP 2016

For the first time ever a Faith Pre-conference will precede the International Conference on Family Planning, held January 25th-28th 2016 in Nusa Dua, Indonesia. On January 24th-25th, faith leaders and representatives of faith-based organizations from many nations will meet to discuss best practices in faith-based involvement in family planning and how faith communities can advocate for increased support from their governments for lifesaving family planning services.

Faith-based participants will base their discussions around the following key messages:

  • Family Planning is essential in improving health, ending extreme poverty and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Voluntary family planning is consistent with faith values as it protects the lives and health of mothers and children.
  • Many faith-based organizations provide voluntary family planning services and have access to hard-to-reach and marginalized communities.

Faith leaders and other people of faith can become influential advocates of voluntary family planning when they have the correct, evidence-based information.

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