Faith to Action Network Strategic Plan 2022-2027: Journey to a More Healthy, Inclusive, Just and Peaceful World

In the past few years, the Faith to Action Network has grown from 41 member organisations to 110 member organisations. Collectively, our constructive voice has reached millions of community members and many decision makers. The secretariat has grown from 5 staff to 16 staff members, and from active projects in 5 countries to over 9 countries. It was therefore necessary to create a new strategic plan that more accurately reflects our current situation and creates goals suitable for the next five years. This strategy was created in collaboration with partners and members of the Faith to Action Network, and we are excited to share the updated strategic plan with you.

One of the changes is our vision, which is: A world in which interfaith collaboration advances healthy, inclusive, just and peaceful communitiesAnother change is our mission, which is: The Faith to Action Network mobilizes faith actors for interfaith dialogue and collaboration to advance family health and wellbeing; women’s rights and gender justice; and peaceful, just and inclusive communities, consistent with one’s faith.

Please find the strategic plan with more details here –

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