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The status of women in Islam is a pertinent issue in modern times due to the growing recognition of the nexus between religion and human rights. It is widely acknowledged that Islam raises the status of women and safeguards their human rights.

To help provide clarity on the theological grounding and the practice of women’s rights in Islam, Faith to Action Network in collaboration with its founding members Al-Azhar University, Muhammadiyah, and Muslim organizations has organized a series of six consultative dialogues that aim to create a safe space for Muslim faith actors to share perspectives and insights on Women’s Rights in Islam. This webinar was the 1st one in a series of 6. The webinar was held in collaboration with Muslim Family Counselling Services (MFCS) and Cadre des Religieux pour la Santé et le Développement (Religious Leaders Framework for Health and Development, Senegal) and attracted 53 participants comprising leading Islamic scholars, local Muslim scholars in Africa and Indonesia, faith leaders, civil society organizations and Muslim women’s rights networks.

We are delighted to share the special edition of our news alert featuring the summary of the discussion from our four panelists on An Islamic Perspective on preventing violence against women and girls. Please access it here:

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