Workshop in Uganda: The road to financial sustainability

Jinja, Uganda, 22 November 2019 (F2A) – An African proverb puts it to the point:  If you have your hands in another man’s pocket, you have to move as he moves.” This situation of financial dependence has led many NGOs in a seemingly endless spiral of project funding. Many believe they will never reach a healthy level of continuous institutional development for sustainable impact. Faith to Action Network trained 31 senior management members from 16 organisations in strategies to reach financial sustainability.

The training was organised with Brot für die Welt and Development Links Consult in Jinja, Uganda, between November, 19th and 23rd. Participants learnt about five important components of successful resource mobilization: Relevance, credibility, relationships, visibility and proposal development. They exchanged good practices and helpful tools. Participants discussed how to understand one’s organizational costs and how to recover them from projects, before developing an organization-specific resource mobilization plan.

This training applied a modular training guide developed by Faith to Action Network in collaboration with Brot für die Welt and is part of a broader effort to support civil society organisations increase their financial sustainability.

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