Faith groups’ roles in family planning acknowledged by media reports.

News reports of ICFP 2018 acknowledged faith organizations’ roles in advocating for family planning budgets, policies and services taking example on Bureau Diocesain des Oeuvres Medicales in DRC, as well as Faith to Action Network members, Mityana Diocese of the Anglican Church of Uganda, Abundant Life Communication and Broadcast Network and Kenya Muslim Youth Development Organization (K4healthblog). In its article, Devex reports that “The power of sociocultural norms to influence whether women use family planning or not came up time and again” at the conference. Quoting Mona Bormet from CCIH: “If we want to truly serve our communities and to do so in a culturally competent manner, we need to embrace learning about what the people we are serving believe and care about and how that affects their health care choices and decisions.” The strong commitment made by faith leaders in the closing ceremony has not gone unnoticed. KT press.

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