International Conference On Family Planning 2022

Faith to Action Network will be part of ICFP, the world’s largest convening of FP + SRHR experts. The International Conference on Family Planning has convened the global development community around a shared vision of universal access to family planning since 2009. A network of advocates, researchers and scientists, community and government leaders, health practitioners, economists, conveners, civil society members, and young people attend the conferences.

Faith to Action Network will take part in the following ways:

  1. Participating in the Faith Pre-Conference
  2. Planning and Cordination of a side event together with UNFPA, CCIH, World Vision, PaRd, FP2030 and BMZ, with the following title
    Navigating Adolescence: A Roundtable Discussion on ASRHR- Partnerships with Faith Actors
  3. Participating in different track sessions as shown below:
    • Role of RLs and FBOs in FP including Interfaith approaches: Reframing Language – Considerations for communicating FP from a Faith Perspective.
    • Faith and Family Planning: What Does Successful Engagement of the Faith Community Look Like?
    • Providing Family Planning Services in Multi-Religious Communities: The Case of Anglican Development Services-Mt. Kenya East.
    • Faith and FP: Examples from Kenya, Tchad, Niger and Somalia: Uncelebrated Champions: Religious Leaders play a role in FP access and uptake: A case of DESIP Programme Kenya.
    • Power of key influencers to influence social norms about family planning