Many faith organisations have an overwhelming desire to be more effective in their family health and wellbeing interventions (Faith to Action Network, 2014; WHO, 2007).

Given the variety of skills and resources among members Faith to Action Network’s capacity interventions includes activities such as training, coaching, study tours and exchanges to address resource mobilisation, advocacy, policy analysis, service delivery among others.

The Network will provide technical support in the following areas:

  1. Providing medically sound information on the effectiveness of different SRHR methods, presented in the context of relevant theological sources and religious teachings.
  2. Developing context embedded SRHR responses that resonate with local cultures and beliefs.
  3. Strengthen referral systems for comprehensive provision of SRHR by faith organisations.
  4. Strengthening awareness raising which combine top-down and bottom up approaches.
  5. Strengthening faith organisations’ capacity in organisational management.
  6. Diversifying funding for faith organisations’ SRHR interventions through internal and external resource mobilization.
  7. Promoting transparency and accountability through improved documentation.