The Network facilitates physical and virtual networking of members and sharing of experiences through conferences, study tours, caravans and online communication.
With some quarter of a million congregations alone in East and Southern Africa, networking needs of faith organisations are enormous. Given the incredible diversity amongst religious leaders and faith communities, their participation in dialogue is often hindered by a lack of unified voice.

The Network supports faith organisations to respond to this challenge through the following approaches:

  1. Encouraging dialogues underpinned by the joint vision of family health and wellbeing and staying clear of dogmatism from all sides.
  2. Leveraging faith organisations dynamic approaches to promote family health and wellbeing and building alliances with groups of like-minded faith organisations.
  3. Coordinating faith based and secular efforts to achieve complementarity between rights based and faith based approaches.
  4. Building meaningful partnerships to create a mutual understanding, by identifying synergies and realistically assessing boundaries and limitations to such collaborations.