Photography Competition

Faith to Action Network is seeking for photographs that visualise the many aspects of family health and wellbeing, for instance: birth spacing, safe motherhood, preventing mother-to-child transmission, maternal and child health, age appropriate sexuality education, gender equity, prevention of female genital cutting, early marriage and other forms of gender-based violence among others.
Photos might portray a family, mother /father and child(ren), activities in a health facility, health workers providing advice and services related to family health and wellbeing, distribution of goods or information materials, youth discussions/peer education, involvement of religious leaders among others.We also seek for photos representing the unmet needs of family health and wellbeing.
The photos should be of sufficient quality to publish with a caption about the photo submitted to Faith to Action Network Secretariat
The closing day for submission is Monday, November 3, 2014; winners will be notified by Monday, September 22, 2014.
What you get

  1. The winning images will be published in a photobook titled visualising family health and wellbeing.
  2. Winners will get sponsorship to attend a training organised by the Network
  3. The photographs will be widely used in communication materials as well as the faith to Action Network website

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