Reimagining Partnerships, Power, and Prophetic Voices for SRHR and Economic Justice

Religious actors, in their diversity from formal leadership to education and health systems, continue to hold power and presence, and reach spaces where the state and public might not, including as health service providers. Consequently, they are well placed to the whole ICPD Programme of Action, which requires a more nuanced understanding of religion in relation to sustainable development, including SRHR and Economic Justice.

In this Side Event, we will explore the potentials as well as pitfalls, but mostly how to work with the potential of faith, and feminist partnerships. Speakers will share about innovative partnerships, including between secular and faith actors, who are challenging current economic power structures and norms, and speaking out for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. From the macro to the community level, this dynamic event amplifies the changemakers who are defending human rights and advocating for gender-transformative action.

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