Religious leaders follow through with their Faith Pre-Conference Commitments

Faith to Action Network’s religious leaders that participated in the Faith Pre-conference and the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP), held in Nusa Dua, Indonesia in January 2016. Have continued to follow through with their commitments they made when they displayed public demonstration of support for family planning when they read a multi-faith consensus statement in support of family planning during the ICFP closing ceremony, besides, openly giving interviews to the media supporting family planning while others shared their best practices or experiences during preformed sessions, oral and poster presentations.

To follow up on these actions and commitments, the religious leaders have cascaded the activities to national and sub national levels where they have continued to dialogue and implement best practices in family planning as well as advocating for increased support from their governments for lifesaving family planning services.

For instance in Uganda, Mityana Diocese religious leaders committed to supporting Family planning engaged the district government’s authorities and developed the first ever district family planning costed implementation plan in Uganda, approved district council.

This approach of supporting government to develop Family Planning district costed implementation plan has now being taken up by other organisations such as PPDRO, DSW and RHU.

These efforts have resulted into the increase of Mityana district family planning budget by 10% and a district Family planning technical working group has been established to continue Family Planning advocacy coordination and enhance Family Planning partners’ collaboration.

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