Request for Proposals: External Audit Services

 Deadline: 15th September 2021

About Faith to Action Network

Faith to Action Network mobilizes faith organizations’ support for family health and wellbeing. As a global interfaith network of more than 100 Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, Hindu, and Muslim faith organizations, we focus on issues that faith actors are grappling with, including sexual and reproductive health and family planning; gender equality and women’s rights; pluralism and understanding.

We combine innovative, evidence- and faith-backed community-based programming with national, regional, and international dialogue and advocacy to influence change at all levels. We meet international standards of quality and accountability and ensure the relevance of our interventions to the everyday lives of faith communities. We promote:

  • A strong faith-based voice in policy consultations. We create opportunities to engage in policy discussions at international, regional level, national and sub-national level.
  • Communication guided by respect and sensitivity that offers alternative terminology, adapted to different cultural and religious contexts, to increase faith organizations’ acceptance of informed content and help faith champions reach millions.
  • Needs-based capacity strengthening to support faith organizations’ institutional change and action.
  • Partnership building to create bridges. We broker partnerships and alliances between unlikely parties – interfaith, intra-faith, donors, governments, secular civil society organizations and private sector.
  • Interfaith experience sharing, learning and exchanges among faith organizations to increase exposure to different interpretations, methodologies & approaches. We recognise that faith organisations need a joint space to discuss common values and areas of consensus.
  • Research and demonstration projects that generate evidence.
  • As a fund manager, we provide faith organizations with access to small grants to finance interfaith interventions.


Scope of work

Faith to Action Network  would like to engage a reputable audit firm to carry out the following;

  • Statutory audit of Faith to Action Network for the financial year ending December 31, 2021 – (Turnover for 2020 was Kes 195,544,056- Of this amount Kes 127,062,688 were Partner Grants)
  • Annual Project Audits as per donor audit protocols
  • YWA4A Project – Funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Year 1 Budget is EUR 328,531)
  • JISRA Project Funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Year 1 Budget is EUR 1,271,890
  • F4AJ Project – Funded by Brot für die Welt (Year One Budget is EUR 37,445)

The successful bidder will be required to perform the annual statutory financial audit for the period, January to December in respect to relevant pre-determined objectives before the end of February following the end of the financial year.

The audit will be in conformity with International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) and International Standards of Auditing (“ISA”). The findings and recommendations shall include an action plan for Faith to Action Network organizational and accounting improvements depending on findings and its implications and shall accommodate management comments

The project audits will be carried out in accordance with the Standards specified in the project-specific audit protocols and will include such tests and verification procedures as the auditors consider necessary under the circumstances

The contract will be renewable for a three-year period.

The detailed Terms of reference can be found here: RFP: External Audit Services

Eligibility Criteria  

The eligible Audit firm should meet the following criteria:

  1. Compliance with legal requirements of registration
  2. Be registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) and its partners must hold current practicing certificates. A Quality Assurance Review by ICPAK is added advantage
  3. Experience of the audit firm with audit reporting under International Financial Reporting standards (IFRS) and International Standards on Auditing (ISA)
  4. References for similar audits performed within the last three years (From 2018 and above)
  5. Provide Audit Methodology, Proposed Work-plan, Curriculum Vitae for the partner, manager and key staff proposed for the audit team
  6. Audit firm and staff must be independent of Faith to Action Network and affirm their independence in the engagement letter.
  7. Any actual or potential conflict of interest in taking up this role should be highlighted.
  8. The firm should demonstrate capacity, capability and experience required to undertake the audit within 14-20 days.
  9. The firm should hold a valid Tax compliance certificate.
  10. Experience with Audits with International NGOs
  11. The firm should have been in practice for a period of not less than 5 years.


Application Procedure

  • Please indicate the validity period of your We expect your proposal to remain valid for a period of 90 days within which a decision is made on the successful tender. We purpose to finalize the tendering process within a period of one month. If the proposal validity period is exceeded, bidders have the option to withdraw their tenders or extend their validity for continued consideration.
  • Interested audit firms that meet the above requirements should send both Technical and Financial Proposals as one attachment to: on or before 15th September 2021
  • Please indicate “F2A/RFA/002/2021 – External Auditing Services” in the subject line of your email application.
  • The financial proposal shall be in a separate folder from the technical The financial proposal should be broken down into the various costed items /activities.
  • This tender shall be considered competitively.
  • The final decision of the selection of the firm to conduct the audit will be made by the Steering Council. The final agreement will be in the form of a written
  • Faith to Action Network reserves the right to reject any or all the submissions received and will not be bound to accept the lowest bidder.

All questions and correspondence should be directed to the undersigned.


Chief Executive Officer

Faith to Action Network

Hatheru Court , Hatheru Road (Lavington)  Nairobi

P.O Box 2438 00202



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