Straight Talk on Family Planning and Religion at ICFP 2018

Kigali, RWANDA – 12 NOVEMBER 2018 (CCIH) – Faith-based organizations have provided family planning services as part of basic healthcare for decades. People of faith value healthy families and understand that healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies is good for mothers, children and the entire family. Why does there still seem to be a disconnect in the minds of many between religion and family planning? How does the faith community talk about family planning in a way that overcomes negative misperceptions? And how can we partner with the faith community to educate and deliver family planning services? Moderator Yoram Siame of the Churches Health Association of Zambia has led this discussion with Bicbic Chua, Executive Director of the Catholics for Reproductive Health, and Mohammed Bun Bida, Director of Muslim Family Counselling Services. The discussion was organized in collaboration with Christian Connections for International Health.

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