• Rev Dr Mwaniki reads faith statement at ICPD25 Nairobi Summit

    ICPD+25: faith actors pledge to address three zeros

    Nairobi, KENYA; 14 November 2019 – Development stakeholders in the faith sector have renewed commitments to work with governments and other partners to eliminate maternal deaths and gender-based violence…

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  • 2018 Faith Preconference group photo

    ICFP Pre-conference: Faith leaders takeaways on FP advocacy

    Kigali, RWANDA, 10 November 2018 (F2A) – Prior to the 2018 International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP), leaders of diverse faith groups gathered to exchange tools and skills used for advocacy with institutions and governments. The…

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  • Boot camp spurs faith actors’ engagement in policy making

    Nairobi, KENYA, 05 JUNE 2018 (F2A) – Faith actors across Africa have mapped out a series of policy making processes to participate in going forward. The processes are contained in action plans developed during a recently held…

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  • UN News

    UN News features faith contributions to development efforts

    New York, USA, 25 JULY 2018 (F2A & UN News) – Contributions of the faith community to development efforts have been highlighted by the news agency of the United Nations. The two featured pieces, recorded in…

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  • ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee Welcomes Right by Her Report

    Brussels, BELGIUM, 11 OCTOBER 2018 (F2A) – The Social Affairs and Environment Committee of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly has praised a newly released report on the state of women rights implementation in Africa. The report lays credence to the actions taken by faith…

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  • Church out to foster gender justice across Africa

    Kigali, RWANDA, 7 JULY 2018 (F2A) – The All Africa Conference of Churches has resolved to proactively promote gender justice through her future programming. This follows the adoption of various resolutions by the AACC’s highest decision-making organ sitting…

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  • Christian Sermon Guide to Save the Lives of Mothers and Newborns: A Toolkit for Religious Leaders

    Sarla Chand and Kathy Erb 2009 This is a tool for Christian religious leaders on how to guide their followers through a safe reproductive process from pregnancy through infancy. It presents the magnitude of worldwide concern with maternal and infant mortality but argues that the problem is solvable. The instructions include not only guidelines for safe health and sanitation practices, but also recommendations for how Christian leaders might instill these standards and values in their congregations by addressing the issues in the context of sermons with biblical references included. Download

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  • Muslim Khutbah Guide to Save the Lives of Mothers and Newborns: A Toolkit for Religious Leaders

    Chand S & Al-Kabi A May 2009 This guide will help religious leaders understand the dangers faced by mothers and babies and learn what they can do as a religious leader to help save lives. It includes descriptions of problems encountered by mothers, solutions for those problems and sermon starters to help you educate your congregation on safe motherhood practices. (Available in English and French.) Download

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  • A Guide for Training Community Health Workers/Volunteers to Provide Maternal and Newborn Health Messages

    Prevention of Postpartum Hemhorrage Initiative (POPPHI) 2009 This training guide focuses on building the capacity of CHWs and volunteers to use counseling cards to promote the health of women and newborns at home through preventive care, identification of problems, and seeking appropriate care. The guide trains CHWs to identify and interact with women of reproductive age, as well as their families, community and religious leaders, and health care providers at facilities. The toolkit contains: a Reference Manual, Technical Presentations, a Facilitator’s Guide, a Participant’s Notebook, a Clinical Logbook with Learning and Evaluation Checklists, a Guide for Training Community Health Workers/Volunteers to Provide Maternal and Newborn Health Messages and a set of Counseling Cards. Download

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