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  • An Islamic Perspective on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

    Faith to Action Network recognizes that there are barriers that have contributed to the discrimination against women. One of the barriers is the misinterpretation of scripture; religious scriptures have been misused to justify discrimination, inequality, and violation of women’s rights. The other barrier to women enjoying rights is the mixing

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  • Fatayat NU Women Promoting Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB)

    Faith to Action Network promotes women’s engagement in the understanding of religious doctrine and scripture by partnering with faith actors and faith-based organizations (FBOs). This is due to the idea that, depending on how they are used and interpreted, some religious viewpoints and texts  contribute to the liberation of women.  

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  • Working Together for Young Adolescents in West Pokot County, Kenya

                                    West Pokot County is located along Kenya’s Western boundary with Uganda and covers an area of approximately 9,169.4 km2. It is mainly inhabited by the Pokot community with the majority ascribing to Christianity as

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  • Palestine: Making Safe Spaces for Young Couples

    Women’s rights and gender equality are one of our main focus areas as a network. This work is implemented across different contexts, including our work in Palestine. According to a UN context analysis, over 40% of the population in Palestine lives below the poverty level. About 54% of people do

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