EuroNGOs Annual Conference 2018

The 2018 EuroNGOs Conference titled “Act on Hope. How the European SRHR community can help unlock rights and care for all” will take place in Gent (Belgium) on 6-7 November 2018. During this year’s conference, we would like to examine how reproductive and sexual justice is linked with understanding and overcoming other forms of structural oppressions that pose a threat to democracy as well as prevent the meaningful exercise of political, social, cultural and economic rights of women and marginalized groups, in particular. A two-day dialogue will allow participants to identify the ways in which the SRHR community can work together within human rights groups and other actors with linking interests such as Disability or Migration movements as well as it will help set up a 2019 SRHR agenda for Europe in which the partnership, it’s members and allies can implement and act on.