How my eyes were opened to the reality of SRHR among young people through Faith to Action Network.

I have just started an academic research with a focus on the Role of the church in responding to teenage pregnancy in Uganda. The situation in Uganda like any other African nations is not any better.

The interest to do this work grew out of the exposure I got with trainings from Faith to Action Network in Addis and also in Mukono. The trainings opened my eyes as a clergy to the reality of sexual and reproductive health among young people. I have personally made various presentations and sermons on the same topic and surprisingly, every time I finish preaching, many school communities, women group, and all diverse groups I have interacted with have asked me if I could find time to speak to their youth on reproductive health matters.

I am not saying all is well now. I just want to highlight the contribution made by your effort as Faith to Action Network in empowering my ability to advocate for Sexual and Reproductive health service and information as a religious leader.

I am now going to carry out this research that will lead to an award of master in theology, and hope to present the finding to house of bishops someday.

I appreciate your contribution in creating room for my exposure, and I would like to highlight that, the exposure created in me in me to get to the next level, which is research. I am also interested in learning how to better advocate through faith networks.

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