Network’s trainings helped me address misperceptions by FBOs towards SRHR

My participation to the Faith to Action trainings helped me understand; who faith-based organisations are, what they think about sexual and reproductive health, what challenges they face, and how to approach them.

As a result of the trainings, I was able to bring faith-based organisations on board and even have then involved to the point of signing our performance contracts’that most of the faith-based organisations had initially refused to sign.

Only after returning from the Faith to Action workshop in Addis Ababa, had I sufficient materials and evidence. I approached faith-based organisations and discussed SRH issues that we felt should be addressed, but being sensitive and recognizing the challenges the organisations face.

I am totally sure it helped me convince them to sign the performance contracts. It was like a miracle to see a catholic nurse who is assured about the importance of providing SRH information, and not worried that she would compromise her status. It’s a big achievement, even if those sisters and priests cannot provide all the services; they can at least delegate to the health personnel who is qualified to provide the services in a secondary provision point. They understand that times have changed and young people really need the services. The situation has really improved because before SRH services were not provided at these faith-based
health facilities.

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