Faith to Action Network studies show: Faith, religion and men are key drivers of gender equality

As the Hindu Brothers and Sisters celebrate their New Year on 18th March 2018, Faith to Action Network wishes them Peace and Prosperity. On this occasion, we remember the cherished place of women in society while promoting gender equality. We appreciate the fact that many Hindu scriptures say women are to be honored, “religious deeds are said to be useless if women are not honored and cherished” (Pinkham 190) .

Faith to Action Network’s 2017 study on faith-based responses to sexual and reproductive health and rights in India highlights women’s challenges in accessing basic health facilities. It identifies the huge benefits empowered women can bring to society. A similar study conducted the same year in Indonesia identified similar challenges. Both studies reach similar conclusions on the value of faith and religion in promoting gender equality as well as the importance of men in realizing women empowerment and gender equality.

In achieving gender equality and women’s rights, Faith to Action Network encourages development stakeholders to pay attention to faith and religion, and to consider men’s key role.

Wishing our Hindu brothers and sisters Happy New Year!

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